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Genie Lab is well into its third year running successful school clubs across Surrey, Sussex and North Hampshire. We support and enhance the National Curriculum up to KS2 as well as unlocking completely new territory and introducing children to fresh topics outside of the classroom to spark a love of Science.


In our years of experience we have found that nothing can resonate better with children than a nurturing environment where they are able to get completely hands on and not be afraid to learn through trial and error.


Genie Lab has worked with children from Reception to Year 6 on areas such as rocketry, canons, state of matter, polymers, air pressure, electricity, magnets, gravity, light and optical illusion.
After School clubs are a great way of letting a professional outside company take the strain of adding a new dimension to children’s science learning so you can concentrate on the day to day running of your department. We can also fill in the gap in your school’s resources to ensure pupils are receiving the best available opportunities.



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