...set sail on a voyage of scientific discovery!

Science Week 2017

with Genie Lab Science

British Science Week 2017 is fast approaching.

With our help you can do it differently this year!
Genie Lab has created a range of unique, one off workshops and assemblies to ignite children's imaginations and fuel their appetite for knowledge.

Our spectacular demonstrations and hands-on activities are themed around particular areas of science including such topics as chemistry of colour, state of matter, polymers and slime-making.

Here at Genie Lab we pride ourselves on making science fun and very accessible to children from pre-school to 12 years old.


Rainbow Chemistry

Bring the colours of science to life in the form of colour changing liquids and rainbow coloured flames. Diffraction glasses will be provided. Everyone will make their own cabbage indicator.


Matter on the Move!

Ever wondered how a volcano erupts? This workshop will encapsulate the states of matter of gas, solid, liquid and plasma in an explosive live demonstration.

Nb: Extra £50 supplement on total cost due to use of dry ice.


Perfect Polymers

Hands on workshop that will enable the children to understand what a polymer is. Everyone will get stuck in making no less than three different types of slime from organic to man-made matter!

We are also happy to create a workshop / demonstration around a topic of your choice

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